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北京pk10什么规则:Global distribution center vendor guide

北京pk10开奖走势图 Elsevier distribution guidelines for book and non-book vendors providing products to the Elsevier distribution centres in Linn, MO, USA and in Rushden, Northamptonshire, UK.

The instructions specify the various packaging, palletizing and shipment methods to be utilized for all products. Also contained are the restrictions that need to be observed by all vendors.

Any exceptions to the guidance provided must be approved in advance by management at the Linn Distribution Centre, or Rushden Distribution Centre, as appropriate.

Contact details in the USA:

Primary: Christi Blauvelt
Tel: + (1) 573 897 1914
Email: [email protected]

Alternate: Kevin Bruns
Tel: + (1) 573 8971928
Email: [email protected]

Contact details in the UK:

Primary: Gemma Henson
Inbound Planning
Tel: +(44) 1933416601
Email: [email protected]

Alternate: Stewart Cobb
Site Manager
Tel: +(44) 1933416601
Email: [email protected]